Thursday, September 15, 2016

Words to Know

This week we have started our second unit in vocabulary.  This week, our words are: ambition, cable, convince, crumple, fatal, globe, grace, intend, responsible and thrill.  The students are introduced to the words on Monday by listening to a song.  Then, they highlight the meaning of each word in their vocab packet.  Each day, they have a different activity that goes along with the words.  At the end of the week, they have an assessment to check for understanding.

We have started using our vocabulary words to help us become better writers and look for patterns in words to help you spell other words.  For example: If I can spell the word responsible, it can help me spell tumble, mumble and fumble.

The students have also learned motions for each of their vocabulary to help them remember the meaning.  Have them teach you these motions and define each's fun!  Below are some examples of them teaching the motions to other students.



REMINDERS/Important Info:

* Picture Day (September 22nd)
*If you're interested in ordering books for your child from Scholastic, please click the following link:
Scholastic Book Orders
*If you're looking for birthday ideas or donating to the classroom, please click the following link:
Third Grade Amazon Wish List

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Math, Math & More Math!

Our first unit of study in math has been place value in the 1,000's.  The students have been working very hard on practicing this skill by reading and writing numbers in the 1,000's, writing them in word form, expanded form and drawing them in base ten form.  Ask them to show you an example of what this looks like!  We have also been playing many math games to build our understanding of place value, so we can move into our next topic, which is,  addition and subtraction strategies in the 1,000's.




The games we have focused on this week are place value yahtzee and close to 100.

*Important Dates:
Fall Pictures (Thursday, September, 22nd)

-Your child is expected to read every night for at least 20 minutes.  Any books they finish, they may record on their planner sheet.
-Please make sure your child is bringing their planner and folder to school everyday!
-Don't forget about Amazon Wish List!!!! (the link is located on the very first post of the blog)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

First Week Happenings

It's been a very busy week!  The students are off to a great start learning about each other, classroom rules, procedures and routines.  It's going to be a great year of learning!!!  Look how hard they are already working!


Working in groups to see how many smaller words can be made from: THIRD GRADE  


          Practicing playing a new math game called, "Guess My Number"  Ask your child to teach you!!!!

REMINDER: Curriculum Night is Thursday, September 1st
                         Session 1: 6:00
                         Session 2: 6:30

Friday, August 26, 2016

Flexible Seating

This year I've decided to try something new... called flexible seating.  WHAT IS THAT?  Flexible seating is a choice provided to students that allows them to work around the room comfortably and focused. It provides students the environment they need to be their best. These seating arrangements can look wildly different then a classroom full of desks or tables, and the depth of implementation can too! Every year we have students who do their best when they can get their wiggles out, students who do their best standing, kneeling, or in a number of positions that only little bodies find comfy.  Students do their best when they are comfortable.  The more choices students have the more they will feel invested and responsible for their learning. When I give my students choices I see greater engagement, more excitement, and a higher desire to learn. Their effort increases and there is a certain amount of pride that comes out in their work.  
Some of the seating options in our classroom include:  

  • Standing, kneeling, laying, sitting around the room
  • carpet squares
  • floor desks
  • dry erase tables
  • clipboards
  • yoga mats, pillows, beach mats, pillow chairs, stools and wobble stools

Below is our class rules and expectations for flexible seating.

Flexible seating anchor chart!:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Welcome to Third Grade

 Hello Third Graders!

Welcome to our classroom where everyday is an adventure!  I look forward to our year together, making new friends and working hard!  Remember, WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!  

Below, I am attaching an Amazon Wish List.  On this list are third grade books and indoor recess games.  Since we have the "no sweet treat" policy in place, please take a look at this amazing list and consider donating to our classroom for your birthday or just because!

 Amazon Wish List

Let's make it a GREAT year together!

Mrs. Terbeek