Friday, August 26, 2016

Flexible Seating

This year I've decided to try something new... called flexible seating.  WHAT IS THAT?  Flexible seating is a choice provided to students that allows them to work around the room comfortably and focused. It provides students the environment they need to be their best. These seating arrangements can look wildly different then a classroom full of desks or tables, and the depth of implementation can too! Every year we have students who do their best when they can get their wiggles out, students who do their best standing, kneeling, or in a number of positions that only little bodies find comfy.  Students do their best when they are comfortable.  The more choices students have the more they will feel invested and responsible for their learning. When I give my students choices I see greater engagement, more excitement, and a higher desire to learn. Their effort increases and there is a certain amount of pride that comes out in their work.  
Some of the seating options in our classroom include:  

  • Standing, kneeling, laying, sitting around the room
  • carpet squares
  • floor desks
  • dry erase tables
  • clipboards
  • yoga mats, pillows, beach mats, pillow chairs, stools and wobble stools

Below is our class rules and expectations for flexible seating.

Flexible seating anchor chart!:

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