Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Math, Math & More Math!

Our first unit of study in math has been place value in the 1,000's.  The students have been working very hard on practicing this skill by reading and writing numbers in the 1,000's, writing them in word form, expanded form and drawing them in base ten form.  Ask them to show you an example of what this looks like!  We have also been playing many math games to build our understanding of place value, so we can move into our next topic, which is,  addition and subtraction strategies in the 1,000's.




The games we have focused on this week are place value yahtzee and close to 100.

*Important Dates:
Fall Pictures (Thursday, September, 22nd)

-Your child is expected to read every night for at least 20 minutes.  Any books they finish, they may record on their planner sheet.
-Please make sure your child is bringing their planner and folder to school everyday!
-Don't forget about Amazon Wish List!!!! (the link is located on the very first post of the blog)

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