Thursday, September 15, 2016

Words to Know

This week we have started our second unit in vocabulary.  This week, our words are: ambition, cable, convince, crumple, fatal, globe, grace, intend, responsible and thrill.  The students are introduced to the words on Monday by listening to a song.  Then, they highlight the meaning of each word in their vocab packet.  Each day, they have a different activity that goes along with the words.  At the end of the week, they have an assessment to check for understanding.

We have started using our vocabulary words to help us become better writers and look for patterns in words to help you spell other words.  For example: If I can spell the word responsible, it can help me spell tumble, mumble and fumble.

The students have also learned motions for each of their vocabulary to help them remember the meaning.  Have them teach you these motions and define each's fun!  Below are some examples of them teaching the motions to other students.



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